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Thank you for being a valued High Jinks Member! We appreciate all of your support and take pride in the opportunity to serve you and your health and wellness goals.  As we continue to grow, all members should be aware of the guidelines for the facility to ensure it is kept safe and clean for everyone to use.

Basic Gym Etiquette

1) ALL MEMBERS should use their own key pad access code.  Even if you are walking in with several others, please keep in mind our facility is a members only gym.  Your code ensures that you are in fact a member and able to use our facility 24/7.  Sharing your code or using someone else's breaches your contract and also compromises the safety of our members. Please do not share your code unless you have been given permission from an owner to use the buddy pass system.

2) Shoes- please do not wear muddy or dirty shoes into the gym.  We cannot keep our floors and equipment clean unless you do your part. Excessive dirt will ruin equipment such as our treadmills if they are continuously misused. Gym shoes are highly encouraged! 

3) Wipe down all equipment after use – Disinfecting stations and bottles are located in several areas in the gym.  Our purple towels are for wiping down equipment when you are finished.  White towels are "sweat towels" for your personal use. Please deposit dirty towels in our hampers when you are done using equipment.  Do not take towels home!  A clean gym makes everyone happy!

4) Do NOT drop weights. Our rubber flooring is commercial grade but dropping weights compromises the integrity of it.  

5)Put all weights and mats away after use – This will keep things tidy and easier for others to use the equipment.

6) Be respectful! Every member here comes to the gym for a pleasant experience. We are all on our own journey and I hope everyone agrees that a little kindness and consideration can go a long way.  If you have experienced anything inappropriate or have concerns, please contact  the owner, Lindsay Mog.  We want everyone to have a good experience.  Just be kind & courteous to others.

7) Music- Our facility has lots of TV's and a very powerful bluetooth speaker.  Please use good judgment when using them.  If there are others in the gym do not blast your music loudly and be mindful of the kind of Music you are playing.  Common sense goes a long way on this one everyone! 

Membership Agreement & Waiver

All members are required to sign a membership contract/waiver. For individuals under 18, a parent or guardian is required to sign the waiver along with the minor. 

Membership Agreement & Waiver

Please be aware a membership is for the designated member alone and is NON-TRANSFERABLE or assignable to another individual. The member is being provided an access code on a trust basis and the member agrees to not provide that access code to any other individual or provide access in any way to a non-member.  We are a 24/7 facility and want to keep it that way.  I put my trust in every member who signs up, so please follow the rules so we can maintain a good environment for everyone at High Jinks. 

Policy on Children

Children under the age of 12 are never allowed in the gym.  Kids under 16 must be accompanied by and adult and must be listed as a member on a family plan.  ONLY EXCEPTION- if you have an infant in a car seat you may bring them to workout with you.  If your child is too big for a carrier car seat and is able to crawl, walk, run, then they are too old to be at the gym.  Please be courteous when bringing your infant to the gym.  Other members are there to workout and have a good experience. 

Policy on Failed Payments

Most memberships are auto-paid through our ACH transaction with a member’s bank account. Payments may fail due to several reasons such as an expired card, lack of sufficient funds in the account, or a member closing their bank account or card.

When a payment fails, the member will receive a notification of the failure and the reason for the failure according to the transaction processing service company. If you have a failed payment, please contact Lindsay with a plan for making the payment. The member will not have access to the gym until the payment has been successfully processed.

Cancelling a Membership

High Jinks Members may cancel a membership anytime after their initial membership contract is fulfilled.  Our memberships are on Auto-Renewal, which means that once your membership contract time is fulfilled your membership will continue with monthly auto-withdrawal until you decide to formally cancel it.  You must contact Lindsay Mog #785-658-7927, via text, email, phone call to formally terminate your membership.  There are no refunds on auto-withdrawal payments.  If you wish to cancel you must do so at least 10 days prior to your monthly auto withdrawal. 

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